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Roulette Strategy: What is the 666 Betting System?

Welcome to Metropolitan Gaming’s Online guide to the online roulette strategy and what the 666 Betting System incorporates

Welcome to Metropolitan Gaming’s Online guide to the online roulette strategy and what the 666 Betting System incorporates. When it comes to online roulette, Metropolitan Gaming is your first-stop when it comes to strategy and how the different betting systems work. 

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How Does The 666 Betting System Work?

Online roulette is one of the most popular games when it comes to online casinos and an easier one to grasp for beginners. Anyone who has played roulette knows if you enter the game without a strategy, then the fun can quickly become a nightmare. If keeping your balance healthy is your overall aim, then you’ve come to the right place. So what is the 666 Betting System?

The numbers 0-36 on the wheel add up to 666, hence the name. The concept is that if you put small bets on every roulette number, you’ll only lose a very small amount on each spin if it doesn’t come in.

But of course you don’t want to lose every go, even if it is a little, so you need to adjust your strategy. The most effective 666 sequence is one in which you make small bets on all four numbers, making your chances of losing it approximately 10%. Every other bet is then a hedge because you’re betting small amounts on high odds, many times all at once. 

Procedures on how to use the system

  1. The session starts with placing a £36 wager on red 
  2. We then make a split bet (which has a 17/1 payout) of £4 each on following numbers which totals £24. 
  • 0 & 2 
  • 8 & 11
  • 10 & 13 
  • 17 & 20
  • 26 & 29
  • 28 & 31
  1. Once again, we make another inside bets. But this time, we have to make a straight up bet which pays 35/1.  There will be 7 numbers left to choose from and we only pick 3 of them. The numbers left to select are: 4, 6, 15, 22, 24, 33 and 35. After choosing 3 numbers, we then place £2 on each of the 3 chosen single numbers – this will add up to £6.
  2. Having followed the method, the table should only have a   remainder of four single numbers left that don’t have chips on them. It’s a very slim chance of the ball landing on these but if it does then we lost the entire stake. 
  3. However, if favoured and the system prevails, then you should net a win of £6, which might be low but is a profit considering the grind you could do to amass your profit. 

Advantages To The 666 Betting System

  1. The advantages to this system are firstly the high winning probability. Since the 666 strategy covers 36 out of 37 numbers, the probability of winning on each spin is very high. 
  2. It’s a very simple system to implement. This method does not require a calculator or a steep learning curve. It involves placing specific bets on certain numbers and combinations, which can be easily remembered after a few practice rounds. 
  3. It’s fundamentally exciting. The strategy keeps the game exciting because the majority of time you’ll be winning. 

Disadvantages To The 666 Betting System

  1. This system offers small payouts in comparison to your stake. Since you’re covering a large portion of the table, the payouts will always be smaller. 
  2. High Risk. You’re placing a total number of 40 chips each round, which means that a loss can accumulate quickly if you hit one of the numbers that you did not cover. 
  3. Not suitable for low bankrolls. Players with small bankrolls may find it difficult to sustain this strategy as it requires a larger wager each round. 


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