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Our Guide to Responsible Gambling

A detailed look at how to gamble responsibly online, tips from Metropolitan Gaming on how to gamble the correct way.

At Metropolitan Gaming we strive to assist players to gamble responsibly and to avoid the negative effects that gambling might have. 

Through a number of means, we have highlighted below the important steps to follow while enjoying gambling on our online casino games.  

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Setting Limits

Having control over the time and money you are spending on gambling is an important way of ensuring that as a customer you’re safe. Setting limits at casinos is not only smart but protects you and makes you a happier player in the long run. 

To ensure your online experience is the best it can be, Metropolitan Gaming has a range of options to assist you with your gambling right here for;

  • Deposit Limits
  • Time Out Period
  • Self-Exclusion
  • Reality Check

Setting Top And Bottom Limits On Winnings And Losings – One very important aspect of budgeting is to set what you’re ok with losing but also set on what you’re ok with winning. One strategy, for example, to be employed is to make a rule that if you make over £200, then bank £125 and play with the remaining £75. That way, no matter what happens, you are walking away with a profit. These rules can be as complex or as simple as you like, it’s your money to control. 

Not Under The Influence

While having a drink or two while playing online casino games is fine, you should avoid excess alcohol while gambling. Alcohol can impair your judgement, making it more difficult to make sound decisions and in-turn, can ruin your online casino experience. 

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is the process by which you only ever risk a set amount of your overall gambling funds thus ensuring you have some money left over if you were to lose. If you place your entire bankroll on the line on one turn of the card, you could conceivably lose your entire bankroll on one transaction. Benefits of bankroll management include:

  • The ability to play for longer with less risk by managing your spend to never exceed a certain percentage. 
  • Make smarter gambling decisions by keeping track of wins and losses by time of day, game type and even mood while playing, this can improve your odds of making better decisions. 
  • Plan your future easier by having a better idea of how much you can potentially make through gambling. 
  • Lower banking fees. You should always have enough money in the account which means fewer transactions as you make fewer deposits.

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